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Whale Watching Diary

Gorgeous! Whale watching Iceland trip from Reykjavik was a success with Sea Trips.

There we found white beaked dolphins! They are a friendly and curious species of cetacean, about the same size as a bottle nose dolphin, but with a less pronounced beak and wonderful markings. The pod had about 10 individuals in it and they were really showing off, bow riding the yacht, jumping, hunting and darting about. We recognised several of the individuals thanks to the cuts and scratches on their dorsal fins.

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Northern Lights Sea Trips Reykjavik 2
Northern Lights Diary

Gorgeous Holiday Lights! Sea Trips Reykjavik found the stunning Northern Lights tonight from Reykjavik. Northern Lights Iceland

As we looked back at Reykjavik we could see fireworks going off all over the city, it being the last day of christmas here, Þrettádinn, the thirteenth day. Whilst the crew educated the customers about Icelandic christmas traditions the captain kept a trained eye on the skies and the solar activity forecasts for the aurora.

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Island Explorer Diary

Awesome Island Tour from Reykjavik Harbour

We departed on time, leaving the Old Harbour under blue skies and just a few fluffy white clouds, as glorious as weather can be. Iceland always looks stunning, whatever the weather, but we really make the most of these sunny days in winter, as the daylight hours are so few!

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Northern Lights Diary

Beautiful! Sea Trips Reykjavik found the dazzling Northern Lights tonight from Reykjavik. Northern Lights Iceland

The lights grew brighter and brighter, at first they were an arc, then the arc started to ripple and ribbon in bright green, then, before we knew it we have a huge corona overhead, a giant spiral in the clear sky. Everyone took wonderful photos of it and it was a real joy to show this amazing natural wonder to people from all over the world! The northern lights bring everyone together in amazement at their beauty.

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