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Island Explorer Diary

Brilliant Island Explorer Tour from Reykjavik Harbour

We departed on time, leaving the Old Harbour under blue skies and just a few fluffy white clouds, as glorious as weather can be. Iceland always looks stunning, whatever the weather, but we really make the most of these sunny days in winter, as the daylight hours are so few!

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luxury Whale watching from reykjavik in Iceland minke
Whale Watching Diary

Wonderful!Whale watching from Reykjavik was a success with Sea Trips.

Today we went out to an area we know to be extremely rich in fish, and a prime hunting ground for hungry whales. Suddenly we saw a fin…We found a minke, it was gorgeous, and only a second later another one surfaced quite close to it! They weren’t fussed by us, and carried on feeding, popping up for a minute to breath and then diving back down for another 10minutes or so.

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