Daily Diary – May 07 2024

Wonderful morning aboard the Amelia Rose, after a 35-minute trip we came across a group of 7 very curious white beaked dolphins, who stayed with us for around ten minutes playing near the boat. It was only a few minutes later that we were lucky enough to observe a group of Gannet diving at high speed into the water to catch fish, as well as Puffins and Arctic Terns, just arrived on the island. Birds are usually good indicator of the presence of cetaceans, and at the same spot we saw a Humpback Whale close to the boat, two shy Minke Whales and around ten White Beaked Dolphins.

Unfortunately, the afternoon was more complicated, as the weather deteriorated and we didn’t see anything. It happens, and that’s the beauty of Icelandic nature.

Sea forecasts are likely getting better for the rest of the week!


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