whale guides get to see amazing things like this fin whale
Whale Watching Diary

Unbelievable! Fin whale watching Iceland trip from Reykjavik was a success with Sea Trips.

As we got closer we could see its smooth skin and swept back fin, this was no humpback, we were pretty sure this was a fin whale! Normally they live 30miles off the coast, but this curious beast had come only a kilometre or so off the shore. To get a proper identification we looked between the dorsal fin and the tail flukes. Another name for a fin whale is a razorback, because it has a prominent ridge in that area. When the fin whale arched its back to do a deep dive we saw this line clearly.

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Sea Trips - Northern Lights and Whale Watching

Where is Iceland?

It’s not just you. One of the top searched questions about Iceland is just that. Where is Iceland? The easiest answer is that Iceland is

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