Reservations are not required but we strongly recommend that you make one to avoid disappointment upon arrival.

Sea Trips Reykjavík is located five minutes from downtown Reykjavík at Ægisgarður 5b, near the Old Harbor. It is the first wooden office on that street.

If you have your own vehicle, we offer free all-day parking next to the yacht, please drive to the office and will check you in and give further directions. 
Another option is to make a reservation with our convenient pickup service, with collections from most locations around downtown Reykjavík.

Travelers must check in 30 minutes before the departure time. We cannot delay departure for latecomers who have not checked in – it’s not fair to the other customers. If you are running late please call us.  Late arrivals may be cancelled with no refunds offered.

We recommend that all guests dress warmly in layers and sturdy footwear as it is always much colder out on the water. We will provide you with warm blankets, and you can always stay warm by viewing from our wheelhouse with our friendly captains. Don´t forget your camera and a sense of adventure!

If there are no sightings on the tour, we´ll offer you a complimentary voucher for the same tour on any available day. This voucher is valid for three years. Refunds are not offered in the event of no sightings.

You may cancel a booking up to 48 hours prior to departure without penalty if your travel plans change. A cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% charge.

As we abide by the New Zealand recommendations (they are very protective of their marine life) we can get within 50 meters of the whales. At this distance you will get an excellent view of these gentle giants. However, the whales often  choose to approach us and pop back up from a dive right next to the boat! For more information on how we act around marine mammals have a look at our page on ethical tourism.

The chance of seeing whales varies with the seasons. We work with a network of whale watching operators and share sighting information. This gives us a sighting success rate of about 90% in the summer months, less during the winter. We start at the Old Harbor and, traveling along the Reykjavík coastline, our passengers will see a variety of wildlife including porpoises, seals, dolphins, and other species.

Whales are spotted equally in the mornings and afternoons.

Everyone is affected by the ocean differently. Our ships are very stable, and we don’t go out in very rough weather. However, we do supply seasickness tablets for free if you want them. We also recommend having a full stomach before you get on board and sipping drinks throughout the trip if you are concerned.

We hope that you’ve found the answer to your question here, but if not please do contact us directly. Thank you so much for your interest in us.

If you want to learn more about our ships have a look here, and if you want to learn about ethical tourism please read all about it here.


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