arctic tern standing with wings raised

Arctic Tern

The arctic tern sees more sun than any other animal as it has two summers every year due to it migrating around 70,900km from Iceland

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grey seal or gray seal and common seal laying on a beach

Grey Seal

The Grey seal, or gray seal in American English, is often found, in coastal waters of the northern hemisphere. It is a true seal, as

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Humpback whale full breach viewed from a luxury whale watching tour from Reykjavik in Iceland

Humpback whale

Humpback whales are a baleen whale, and known for their incredible breaching displays and heartbreakingly beautiful vocalisations. They are found all around the world, however

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Killer whale tail sticking out of the water

Killer Whale

The killer whale, or orca is the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. It is a toothed whale, as supposed to a baleen whale,

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pod of pilot whales swimming in iceland

Pilot Whale

Pilot whales have a bulbous head, more pronounced on older males, making them easy to identify within the pod. Their colouring is black or dark

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