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We offer luxury whale watching tours and Northern Lights cruises, as well as

private and custom yacht rental in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík.

Our Vessels

108 feet
Triple observation decks
50 feet
360° viewing platform
92 feet
Large observation area
A Whale of a Time--In Fact, Two!
A Whale of a Time--In Fact, Two!
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Great guide, great experience! My first whale sightings: one minke, one humpback! WOW!! If you haven't seen a whale, this is your chance. Their majesty is breath-taking!

Visited: July 2021
We saw whales!
We saw whales!
Ben C
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Pretty self-explanatory, we saw whales! Minkes were fast-moving and a bit tricky to track, but a humpback surfaced right near our boat and spent a bit more time showing off for the cameras 🙂 Our guide Lucky was really friendly and informative (and had eagle eyes/ears for whales in the area) - she was a definitely plus!

Visited: August 2021
Awesome Whale Watching
Awesome Whale Watching
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Had an absolutely amazing time on this boat whale watching. Didn't expect to see much but we were lucky enough to see a few Minke whales, porpoises and a massive Fin whale. The crew even stayed out an extra hour to let us see it more. Amazing. Cant fault the trip or the staff. Lovely luxurious boat and amazing scenery!

Visited: March 2020
Northern lights experience
Northern lights experience
Matthew C
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Wrap up for this trip and you will have a wonderful experience. Firstly the yacht and crew are first class. Even if we hadn’t seen the Northern Lights it would have been worth the money just to go out on the trip, but we did see them and that was the icing on the cake. Would definitely recommend this trip if you are in Reykjavík.

Visited: February 2020

Private & Custom Charters

Looking for a yacht rental in Reykjavík? Whether it’s a romantic cruise or an evening sailing adventure for all your friends, we’ve got you covered.

Private and Custom Charters

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May 22, 2022

9:15 – Whale Watching – ON
13:15 – Whale Watching – ON


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