Yacht Cruise From Reykjavík
Come and explore Reykjavík’s beautiful bay and see the spectacular sights of the city coastline with us
Whale Watching Cruise
Explore Iceland's marine life, including whale watching, on a yacht cruise from Reykjavík
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Our Vessels

Arctic Rose

Arctic Rose is a state-of-the-art vessel that offers an unforgettable experience of whale watching and Northern Lights spotting in the

Sea Trips Reykjavík - Amelia Rose

Amelia Rose

Experience the best of sailing with Amelia Rose, as you explore the seas around Reykjavík in comfort and style. This

Tsunami RIB Speedboat

Tsunami is a thrilling RIB (rigid inflatable boat) that offers an exciting whale watching experience in the Reykjavík bay. This

Recent stories

Daily diary-May 29 2024

The weather is changing, summer is approaching, and it seems our majestic companions are aware of it. Today, we were

Whale Watching Diary

Daily Diary – May 28 2024

Today was an incredible day. The weather was cloudy but there was no wind. The water was like a mirror,

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Whale Watching at


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