Daily Diary – May 08 2024

Our day aboard Amelia Rose began under cloudy skies, with gentle waves near the harbor that gradually increased as we ventured further from the coast. After about an hour of sailing, the air was filled with the remarkable sight of northern gannets diving with precision-a sign of the presence of our beloved gentle giants. True to form, two minke whales graced us with their presence, one a little shy and the other displaying a hint of curiosity. Suddenly afterwards, a magnificent humpback whale delighted us with a spectacular fluke display, while the rest of the time was spent in shallow dives.

During our 13:15 tour, luck was not as abundant. Although we had the chance to observe a shy minke whale and various species of birds like nothern gannets, razorbills, and puffins, the bright sun shining down upon us provided warmth and encouragement throughout the journey.


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