Daily Diary – May 09 2024

Whale Watching in Reykjavik. Whale tail breaching the water.

Some days aren’t as beautiful as others, we can’t control the weather or the animals, but there’s no doubt that this day was incredible. Everything was there: no wind, sun and, above all, whales. We soon spotted White-Beaked Dolphins on the way, and they kindly escorted us to paradise. We began to see dozens of Gannets plunging into the sheer water, with speeds of up to 100 km/hour. No doubt there were plenty of fish underfoot. And then, just about everywhere, we saw blows, dorsal fines and Humpback Whale flukes. Mixed in with these giants of the sea were heaps of Minke Whales. It’s hard to estimate numbers, but one thing’s for sure: there were a lot of them. In addition to the many shearwaters here, Artic Terns are starting to blend into the landscape. Thanks for a great day!


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