Daily Diary – May 16 2024

During the morning, we sailed through aboard our RIB boat with light rain and wind, yet with the sea calm enough to spot some dorsal fins after a short time at sea. We encountered around 4 minke whales in different spots but within the same area, allowing us to marvel at the marine life of Faxafloi Bay. Alongside these magnificent creatures, we were accompanied by puffins, razorbills, northern gannets, and the first arctic terns starting to appear, known for their constant flight.

In the afternoon, the rain and fog created an atmosphere of calm and serenity, with the sea as smooth as glass, granting us the luxury of observing a group of curious and playful white-beaked dolphins approaching to interact with us and also other boats in the area. Additionally, we spotted some shy minke whales, busy in their energetic feeding task.


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