Daily diary – July 5 2024

It looks like the summer has finally arrived because we can enjoy the sun.

The morning tour was an average in terms of whale sightins. We spotted a Minke whale few times and then a really good and big group of White Beaked Dolphins.

The afternoon was one of a kind tour. We found 2 humpback whales and they were actively feeding. They had a very synchronized movements and opened their mouth wide open at the surface and you could see the water burst out through their baleen plates. Also if you looked down at the ocean you could see millions of sand eel fish that the whale had disturb at the bottom and that was what they were eating. This was my personal favourite trip so far. It is quite rare to see 2 humpback whales together but that does happen, and to see the actively feeding is also very rare.

Guides of the day

Eva and Sverrir


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