Daily diary – June 24 2024

Whale breaching the water. Fun facts about whales

Last day no boats went out due to the difficult sea conditions. We didn’t know if the whales would still be in the same place as the previous days.
On the morning, we soon came upon a humpback whale jumping, a magnificent sight.

There are several reasons for this:

  • having no hands, it’s difficult if not impossible to reach certain parts of the body, such as the back. Jumping would remove the many parasites present by breaking the shells.
  • to communicate, as the splash emits a muffled sound underwater
  • just for fun!

Only after two majestic jumps, the humpback whale became elusive and we had trouble observing it.

On the afternoon, after two very stealthy minke whales, we were able to observe two humpback whales, no jump this time but several tails out. thanks to the tails and in particular the white marks on them, we can identify which individual it is.

Written by the guides of the day : Jullian (morning) Romane (afternoon)


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