Daily Diary – May 05 2024

In the morning, the sun greeted us warmly with gentle breezes, creating a perfect day for adventure. We were lucky to witness three majestic Minke Whales at two different locations, each showing off with great enthusiasm. Our joy didn’t stop there; we also had delightful encounters with two groups of White Beaked Dolphins, numbering between 10 to 15 in each group. It truly was a fantastic trip.

As the day progressed into the afternoon, the weather decided to show its diverse side, with winds picking up and gentle rain starting to fall. Despite these changes, our spirits remained high as we ventured out once more. Though the afternoon tour presented different challenges, with only a few catching a glimpse of a Minke Whale, every moment spent in nature is a treasure worth cherishing. Each experience, whether under sunny skies or amidst rain and wind, adds to the rich tapestry of our memories and appreciation for the wonders around us.


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