Daily Diary – May 10 2024

Today aboard the Amelia Rose, the day started off cloudy with calm winds, allowing many passengers to spend extra time outside enjoying the views. After delighting in the sighting of three shy harbour porpoises, we soon found ourselves surrounded by dozens of northern gannets diving for their prey. Suddenly, the majestic sound of a humpback whale’s blow greeted us, accompanied by the presence of a minke whale. As we observed the humpback whale, we noticed it engaging in lunge feeding, a feeding behavior where the whale accelerates forward with its mouth wide open, engulfing large volumes of water and prey. Shortly after, we discovered not just one, but two humpback whales in the area, and just as we began our return to port, a third one surprised us once again.

During our 1:15 PM tour, we were once again graced by the presence of a minke whale and another humpback whale, although this time both had much longer dives. But that’s nature for you, always unpredictable.

To add more excitement to our journey, we also enjoyed the presence of our beloved puffins, increasingly scarce in the water and preoccupied with the start of their courtship.


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