Daily Diary – May 13 2024

Today was summed up by a strong northerly wind that froze our ears! Visibility was good, not too many waves, but this icy wind from the Arctic turned us into ice cream! It was really complicated to stay out in the open sea, so we stayed close to the coast, sheltered from the wind. Luckily, Minke Whales were around all day, looking peaceful as they rested and swam close to the boat. They are sometimes overlooked for their shyness and less impressive than the Humpback Whales, but they were the stars of the day. However we didn’t see anything else, so we can thank the Minke Whales for putting on a good show.

In addition, as usual, gannets and shearwaters flew around the boat, showing the high concentration of fish around the Reykjavik harbour.

Tomorrow the sea conditions and the weather look great, can´t wait!


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