What do whales feel like to touch?

huge whale tail lifted from the water. Whale watching trips often see this behaviour. 

by Lucky Byfleet

Thank you for googling this rather than going and grabbing a dolphin, (which is a whale) their skin is incredibly sensitive.

“What do whales feel like?” Is an awesome question, first asked me by a super keen 7-year-old – but suddenly everyone wanted the answer.

Different whales feel different to touch – some are covered in barnacles and scars, whale lice and seaweed! But the normal skin feels incredibly smooth – I once read it described as a peeled hard-boiled egg – a description that made me laugh but is actually pretty accurate.

They are incredibly muscular and covered in a thick layer of blubber – fat. So maybe feel your thigh muscle after you’ve shaved your leg!

Rubbery is another word used to describe it – but without the grip of rubber – lubericated rubber might be a better shout.

So what do whales feel like? Smooth, strong, rubbery, slick, peeled boiled egg.

humpback whale breaching not swallowing humans are dolphins whales, what do whales feel like
Were you planning on cuddling this humpback? Please don’t.

We hope that answered your question, ‘what do whales feel like?’ however we would like to remind you that whales are wild animals and you shouldn’t touch them – and if they are dolphins in captivity that have become used to human touch they are still wild animals in captivity and not tame animals like a dog. Please do not swim with them! Here is an article on why you shouldn’t swim with whales.

We sail daily from Reykjavik harbor, Iceland, on our beautiful yacht Amelia Rose. Hopefully, you can join us soon on one of our wonderful whale watching tours.


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