konudager - womans day in Iceland is a day celebrating women. So this image is two women cheering with their arms up, facing into the sun.

Konudagur! It’s women’s day in Iceland.

The word ‘Konudagur’ was first used in the 1800s, and nowadays it is celebrated in a similar way to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, with people taking time to appreciate the women in their lives. Often they will be brought flowers, cooked dinner, and generally pampered.

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Volcanoes exploding. Lave being spewed up in a line from a crack. see the volcano

Where Can I See Erupting Volcanoes in Iceland?

Without volcanoes, Iceland simply wouldn’t exist, and even our nickname, the land of Ice and Fire, is a nod to them and the glaciers which take up just over 10% of land in the middle of the North Atlantic. Because of them, our island continues to grow 2 to 3 cm every year, the lava pushing its way up through the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a fault line between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. In fact, since the middle ages, a third of the lava that has covered the Earth’s surface has been here in Iceland!

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