Daily Diary – June 10th 2023

Daily diary of whale watching from Reykjavik Old Harbour, on the yacht Amelia Rose, on June 10th 2023 – written by Lucky.

After the bad weather recently we were happy to see the sun was out, but the waves were still a little choppy, though nothing like they had been previously and it was great to be out on the water again.

We headed out past the islands, completely covered in puffins at this time of year, and towards the feeding grounds. After about an hour of searching we saw the blow of a humpback whale, we can tell because of the shape and size of it. Once we had seen it we slowly headed closer, until we were near it, but still respectful of its space.

Sitting in one place the whale decided to approach us so we got a really good show of this incredible species! It was feeding around us doing really long deep dives but it seemed perfectly happy to carry on like we weren’t there which is what we want! Everyone got very cool photos of this beautiful animal, and then we realised there was actually more in the area.

We even saw lunge feeding, so this was a great trip for everyone!

Here are some of the animals we saw today.

Humpback whales



Arctic terns



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