Daily Diary – June 26th 2023

Daily diary of whale watching from Reykjavik Old Harbour, on the yacht Amelia Rose, on June 26th 2023

The weather today was mixed, rain showers one minute and sunshine the next. The rain doesn’t stop us so we headed out to try to find our lovely whales.

Not long after we left the harbor, not far past the northern marker buoy, we found a pod of white-beaked dolphins, but they seemed more interesting in hunting so we left them to it and carried on out towards the feeding ground.

There were also a couple of porpoises in the area that we passed by, but they are very shy animals in general so we left them alone. We also saw lots of puffins bobbing around in the water, but even more flying in and out of the islands to the feeding grounds.

Further out we found a humpback whale! It was large, even by humpback standards, so most likely a female as they are larger than the males. It showed us its massive tail, then did a very long dive. It popped up again on the other side of the ship, breathing a few times before diving and showing its tail again.

We stayed in the area for some time before heading back towards the city, but on the way we found the pod of dolphins again and this time they were much more playful; they zoomed up to the yacht, playing around the bow, and jumping out of the water.

Here are some of the animals we saw today.

Humpback whales

White beaked dolphins



Arctic terns



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