Daily Diary – July 3rd 2023

looking at whale

Daily diary of whale watching from Reykjavik Old Harbour, on the yacht Amelia Rose, on July 3rd 2023 – written by Lucky.

Wow, what a day here in Reykjavik! The sun was shining, it really felt like summer finally after all those cloudy (but beautiful) days.

We started the day with lots of minke whales, some even coming close up to the boat which is unusual as they are often very shy. Then there was a pod of white-beaked dolphins, but they weren’t feeling especially playful or interested in us, so we left them alone and continued on our hunt to see whales.

Eventually, we found one that showed us its beautiful tail as it dived. So beautiful!

Later on, we found more humpback whales, and one started fin-slapping, before breaching more than 10 times in a row! It even did one right in front of our yacht, the sound it made as it hit the water was like a thunderclap. Then it swam right under our boat before giving us a show of its tail in an elegant dive before swimming away.

It was just incredible to see. We never know when these majestic and powerful marine mammals will breach, but it never stops being absolutely thrilling.

We also saw lots of puffins, arctic terns, gannets and gulls on our trip but we can’t stop talking about that breaching humpback whale!

Here are some of the animals we saw today.

Humpback whales

Minke whales

White-beaked dolphins



Arctic terns



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