June in Iceland; What you need to know.

grey seal or gray seal and common seal laying on a beach

June in Iceland is devastatingly gorgeous. Summer is definitely here, as are the whales, the puffins, and the midnight sun. There is a reason everyone wants to come to Iceland in June!

What’s the weather like in June in Iceland?

In June in Iceland it feels warm to us, although from most other countries you don’t understand us sunbathing. Average temperatures are about 9°C or 48°F. There can still be cold winds though so be sure to pack your coat along with your sunglasses. Why not have a look at our guide of What to pack for Iceland.

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Can you see the Northern Lights in June in Iceland?

The short answer is; no, sorry, but there are plenty of other awesome things to do. The days are so long that you can go for a night time hike and have favourite tourist spots to yourself! People often think that the midnight sun will keep them awake in a bad way – that they will feel tired and grumpy, but the opposite is true. You are truly awake and able to enjoy the wonder of a light night!

Why aren’t there Northern Lights trips on?

In order to see the Northern Lights you need three things; Clear skies, lots of solar energy, and night time. In the middle of summer we don’t get the dark skies we need to give you a great display of the aurora.

Most northern lights tours will end in mid-April because that is when the true night is over for the year.

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Can you see puffins in June in Iceland?

Yes! These gorgeous birds are back from their winter at sea. They come to Iceland to breed. Learn more about puffins here. You can visit them on in Reykjavik harbour on our brilliant tours with our passionate crew.

Can you see whales and dolphins in June in Iceland?

Yes! You can see many different species of whales and dolphins all year round, but definitely in June in Iceland, and this is during of the high whale season, with breeding adults returning from their mating grounds. You can come whale watching with us on our yachts!


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