September in Iceland; What you need to know.

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September in Iceland is a beautiful month, but cheaper than June, July, and August. The nights are dark enough to see the Northern Lights when they shine, and the days are long enough to travel the stunning countryside.

What’s the weather like in September in Iceland?

In September in Iceland is changeable, but can be one of the best months to visit, as there are long days for travelling but cold dark nights for the northern lights to show. The average temperature is about 8°C, but there can be really warm sunny days and very wintry ones too so be sure to pack your coat along with your sunglasses. Why not have a look at our guide of What to pack for Iceland.

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Can you see the Northern Lights in September in Iceland?

The short answer is; YES!

After the endless daylight of the summer the day/night balance returns to normal in September. But the tours normally start towards the end of the month. In order to see the Northern Lights you need three things; Clear skies, lots of solar energy, and night time. In the middle of summer we don’t get all three! So we have had some fantastic displays of aurora in Reykjavik in September, and your best chance to see them is to go on a tour. At SeaTrips we study the skies carefully, so we know when to head out and where to look! Plus you get to relax on a gorgeous yacht.

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Can you see puffins in September in Iceland?

Yes, at the beginning of the month, but there won’t be anything like the quantity we have in high summer. Learn more about puffins here. You can visit them on in Reykjavik harbour on our brilliant tours with our passionate crew.

Can you see whales and dolphins in September in Iceland?

Yes! You can see many different species of whales and dolphins all year round, but definitely in September in Iceland, and this is during of the high season for whale watching, with breeding adults returning from their mating grounds. You can come whale watching with us on our yachts!


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